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As a successful business leader, you may already have a strong intuition for how your business is performing today and how it is likely to perform in the coming years. But are you armed with the same analyses and insights that private equity firms and banks use to objectively measure your company — to determine whether it is investment- or credit-worthy?

It’s our experience that most business leaders are surprised to learn how much information is available from a thorough analysis of their corporate tax and financial statements. Performance Insights provides a series of key business metrics, with actionable strategies to begin affecting the enterprise immediately.

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7 Cash Drivers

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Executive Summary
Forecasting and Budgeting Summary

A top-level analysis of the company’s financial data with projections for future valuations and recommendations for improvements of the business.

Cash Driver Report
Cash Driver Report

An analysis of A/R, A/P, inventory and cash conversion cycle based on industry comparables and historic data to evaluate working capital accounts and identify cash flow improvements.

Profit Driver Report
Profit Driver Report

An analysis of COGS and operating expenses, comparing the company’s performance to industry data to improve profitability, growth and enterprise value. Includes a discussion of capital expenditures and a sales-centric review of the market and company dynamics.

Industry Comparables Chart
Industry Benchmarks

The most comprehensive industry comparison available, using up to 5 NAIC codes and qualitative data provided about the company and its markets.

Business Valuation
Enterprise Valuation

A sophisticated, financial-driven valuation of the business—a useful tool to understand the impact of improving profitability and the current value of the business.

Lenders Report
Lenders Report

A detailed compilation of income statements, balance sheets, cash contribution analysis which compares historic versus new sales, ratio review, abbreviated Industry Comparables report and Uniform Credit Analysis (UCA) cash flow statement.

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Using basic financial information found on your balance sheets and P&L statements, you can bring Performance Insights to your company.

Your team will receive quarterly, private consultation with a Financial Analytics Expert as well as detailed reports.


7 Cash Drivers

Whether your objective is to drive growth, extract value, or transition the enterprise successfully, Performance Insights provides unprecedented capacity to make informed, timely decisions for you and your business.

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