About FIscal advantage

Fiscal Advantage is a software company that provides financial performance reports designed to help small- to mid-sized companies better understand the financial health of their business. Fiscal Checkup™, our intuitive software tool offers the most comprehensive financial analysis available, resulting in specific, actionable objectives to improve fiscal health and maximize enterprise value. Additionally, ours is the only tool to offer businesses an in-depth comparison to other companies in their industry with our proprietary blended NAICS code that takes up to five NAICS codes and delivers customized industry data that is 100 percent tailored to the business.

Company History

Fiscal Advantage was conceptualized by Dan OConnell in 2008 while he was a mergers and acquisition specialist. After 15 years in M&A, he saw the need for a tool to help companies analyze their financial results and improve cash flow and maximize company value.

In 2009, OConnell started laying the foundation for a software tool to accomplish this objective, and partnered with Mike Frawley, a software developer to begin product development. The company worked diligently over the next several years to carefully refine the thousands of algorithms necessary to ensure reporting accuracy and relevance.

In 2014, the company attended its first trade shows with a beta version of Fiscal Checkup™, receiving positive market feedback and guidance on valuable improvements that were quickly implemented.